The all-in-one Event Notification System (ENS) for the health & safety of your events

WellCheck for events is the only all-in-one critical event management platform for venues, tradeshows, and corporate events that offers a fully-integrated Event Notification System (ENS).

Our system was created based on 30 years+ of safety knowledge and law enforcement experience. With WellCheck’s enterprise compliance software expertise, our critical event notification system is best positioned to assist organizations in a time of crisis whether it be Active Shooter Alerts, Digital Health Screening, and Emergency Mass Notifications during a weather or shelter-in-place situation.

The WellCheck platform allows your staff to instantly alert management of a threat; effectively communicate vital information; and rapidly account for all staff and attendees as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of your events.

WellCheck's Event Notification System (ENS) allows you to:

Instantly Alert

Quickly activate in stressful situations

Web-based mobile panic button

Identifying threat types, alerting about injuries and prioritizing individuals needing help

Templated emergency notifications and custom messages

Effectively Communicate

One platform to share and distribute vital information

Message individually and with the entire group

Accessible on all devices through SMS text and email; nothing to download

Share notifications, images, and instructions on dedicated channels (Admin Staff, Law Enforcement, Parents)

Rapidly Account

Re-unifying children, staff, and employees as quickly as possible

Silent accountability and check-ins

Identify individual’s room and building locations

Message individually and with the entire group

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