WellCheck & 19Labs Partnership Enhances Access to Health Care for Students throughout School Based Health Centers

WellCheck & 19Labs Partnership Enhances Access to Health Care for Students throughout School Based Health Centers

Our strategic partnership with 19Labs integrates their GALE | Schools telehealth package with our School-Based Health Digital Enrollment Platform. This collaboration provides a comprehensive eClinic healthcare solution tailored for our school partners and streamlines how schools collect data, manage consent forms and other necessary documents.

Background of 19Labs

19Labs is the creator of GALE, a Next Generation Point-of-Care platform for pharmacies, schools, workplaces, and rural communities. GALE brings together cutting-edge diagnostic technologies from industry leaders like Zoom, Elo, Amwell, Samsung Mobile, MIR, Omron, Viasat, EchoNous, PAP Link, and many others in one smart, efficient, and cost-effective platform. It was designed from the ground up to be operated by non-healthcare professionals in locations with limited infrastructure and optimized for low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity.

"We are excited to collaborate with WellCheck. Customers have been asking us for years how to streamline how they share/collect crucial documents, especially consent forms, and this partnership allows us to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services for schools. Together, we are committed to improving health outcomes for students, particularly in rural and underserved communities, and this combination of great technologies is one of the best examples of how to do that."

Synergy Between 19Labs and WellCheck

Our partnership with 19Labs, brings a powerful synergy to the WellCheck School-Based Health Digital Enrollment Platform. Beyond traditional telehealth, GALE eClinics enable school nurses to make timely, informed decisions, leveraging the latest smart diagnostic devices remotely and in real-time including stethoscopes, otoscopes, glucometers, and blood pressure cuffs.  In addition, 19Labs recently added industry-leading healthcare applications to screen for vision, hearing, and more.

Key Features of GALE | The Comprehensive Remote Point-Of-Care Platform

  • GALE supports different form factors for various physical locations.
  • GALE integrates industry-leading diagnostic devices and gives physicians real-time control and access to make better diagnoses.
  • The patented GALE | InsightsAR simplifies the clinician experience by overlaying EMR data, vital signs, and pertinent patient information onto a single video call.
  • GALE Telemedicine Platform allows you to connect your existing clinicians and workflow.

Enhanced WellCheck School-Based Health Digital Enrollment Platform

The WellCheck Platform, now enhanced with GALE platform further enhances healthcare access for students and families with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly solutions to:

  • Enable school districts to reduce absenteeism
  • Improve healthcare for students and staff
  • Enhance provider engagement with parents

Shared Goals and Motivations

Both 19Labs and WellCheck are driven by a shared vision to innovate and enhance healthcare delivery in educational settings. By combining our strengths, we aim to provide schools with the tools to ensure efficient, effective, and accessible healthcare for all students.

Contact us or 19Labs for more details on our enhanced services and to schedule a demo.  Visit our online brochure for more information on our custom-built software solution for school-based health centers.

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