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Purpose-built for School Based Health Centers and trusted by Local Health Departments around the country. WellCheck’s software is transforming how students, families and residents in rural and under-served communities are accessing healthcare.

Our web-based software digitally collects all required documentation, consent forms, insurance information, and medical history in the most efficient way possible.

Digital SBHC enrollments are deployed via weblinks and QR codes so are accessible on any device. The SBHC enrollments are easy, simple to navigate, and can be presented in multiple languages. Digital enrollments are collected in real-time and SBHC administrators have a dashboard for 24-7 access to all enrollment information.

Screen, Assess & Manage

With Secure EHR Tools

Our Next-Generation Electronic Health Record system can be customized for any industry or use case. Features include:

Alerts For Any
Emergency Situation

During a drill or lockdown situation, a Teacher or Administrator can start an event from their phone or any computer. Text messages and emails go out to all individuals in your database. These individuals indicate if they are safe, need assistance, or if they are not in the area. They also have the capability to broadcast a message to administrators. They then report their location and the individuals that are with them.

Digital SOS

Mobile Panic Button

In the event of an emergency how would you report you need help?

Ideal for Lone Workers, Offices, Schools and Hospitals, affected parties can instantly signal they need help. Within seconds, the person’s location, type of help needed and number of people affected can be communicated silently with the push of a button.

Administrators are notified and provided with real-time data on a dashboard. Private and group chat messages can be utilized to provide open lines of communication with “crowd-sourced” data.

Streamline Workflows

Many clients utilize our in-house development team to integrate into existing systems. Some choose to build out a custom solution that transforms internal programs and procedures like onboarding new-hires and managing occupational health. Government clients use our HIPAA-compliant framework to streamline access to community services and resources like mentoring programs and school-based health enrollments.

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With 30 years of enterprise compliance technology and safety experience, WellCheck has worked with hundreds of clients across many industries. See how we can assist with your industry below.

Total administrative


WellCheck offers 24/7 administrative access to your organization’s data on a HIPAA compliant platform. Our platform offers a myriad of features at your fingertips for ease of data collection on the front end and ease of use on the back end.

HIPAA Compliant System

Securely survey and communicate crucial details with a single click

99.9% Uptime with 24/7 Support and Unlimited Training

Onboarding training and customer support team to support your needs

Nothing to Download

Web-browser based so the tech works on ALL devices and on ANY phone

Automated Broadcasts and Alerts

Communicate to the masses on a regular basis with one click

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