Automating health & safety protocols for your
WellCheck is re-defining health and safety’s impact on our communities, powering a portfolio of solutions designed to protect, prepare & secure.

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Health & Safety Transformation

Alerts For Any
Emergency Situation

During a drill or lockdown situation, a Teacher or Administrator can start an event from their phone or any computer. Text messages and emails go out to all individuals in your database. These individuals indicate if they are safe, need assistance, or if they are not in the area. They also have the capability to broadcast a message to administrators. They then report their location and the individuals that are with them.

Screen & Monitor


Our HIPAA-compliant screening & monitoring survey tools are flexible enough to customize for any industry or use case such as:

Digital SOS

Mobile Panic Button

In the event of an emergency how would you report you need help?

Ideal for Lone Workers, Offices, Schools and Hospitals, affected parties can instantly signal they need help. Within seconds, the person’s location, type of help needed and number of people affected can be communicated silently with the push of a button.

Administrators are notified and provided with real-time data on a dashboard. Private and group chat messages can be utilized to provide open lines of communication with “crowd-sourced” data.

Safety & Security


WellCheck offers lockdown drills, assessments and safety training backed by over 30+ years’ of law enforcement training. We design and deliver comprehensive active threat training and security assessments. All aspects of your security protocol and program will be examined.


Workflows & Procedures

Many clients utilize our in-house development team to integrate into existing systems. Some choose to build out a custom solution that transforms internal programs and procedures like onboarding new-hires and managing occupational health. Government clients use our HIPAA-compliant framework to streamline access to community services and resources like mentoring programs and school-based health enrollments.

Three Solutions + One Platform

= Total Protection

Essential Emergency Notification Platform built for organizations of all sizes & applicable to any industry

See Safety Alerts Solutions

HIPAA-compliant online behavioral health screening tool

See Health Screener Solutions

HIPAA-Compliant Enterprise Vaccine Verification & Testing Compliance Management

See Vaccine Verification Solutions

Solutions for

Every Organization

With 30 years of enterprise compliance technology and safety experience, WellCheck has worked with hundreds of clients across many industries. See how we can assist with your industry below.

Customer Success Stories

Total administrative


WellCheck offers 24/7 administrative access to your organization’s data on a HIPAA compliant platform. Our platform offers a myriad of features at your fingertips for ease of data collection on the front end and ease of use on the back end.

HIPAA Compliant System

Securely survey and communicate crucial details with a single click

99.9% Uptime with 24/7 Support and Unlimited Training

Onboarding training and customer support team to support your needs

Nothing to Download

Web-browser based so the tech works on ALL devices and on ANY phone

Automated Broadcasts and Alerts

Communicate to the masses on a regular basis with one click

Is your organization

protected from threats?


Now more than ever, health and safety threats can cripple your organization. The question is, “How prepared are you to protect your workplace from these threats?” Take our Safety Preparedness Quiz to assess your organization’s plan for safety, health and emergency management.

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Just the FAQs

WellCheck is an agile 3rd-party partner. If your needs are identified, we can get you up and running in 24-48 hours.

WellCheck is budget-friendly and even offers school and non-profit pricing. Our model is subscription based and includes a set-up fee, cost per number of users and use case.

WellCheck offers technical support for all your users via email, chat or phone. Additionally, each partner has an account service team to take you from idea to build through launch. 

Yes, WellCheck has relationships with over 60 health departments across the United States and can verify in all 50. Additionally, WellCheck can verify international vaccinations as well. 

Our digital health pass includes your name, optional headshot, vaccine provider, dose dates, booster information (if applicable), an image of your card or certificate and a QR code that can be scanned by any reader or smartphone

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