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Empowering Community Health

Our digital platform seamlessly connects community members to local services addressing health, wellness, and the myriad of social factors influencing one’s journey toward improved health. Cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant, the WellCheck portal is accessible from any digital device and does not require downloading applications. 

Total Protection

For Your Community

  • Digital Enrollment Process

  • Digital Referral System

  • Digital Consent Management

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

  • Behavioral Health, PHQ-2 & PHQ-9

  • Opioid & Drug 

  • Long-COVID

  • Native Mobile Apps

  • Youth Mentoring System

  • Vaccine Verification

  • Digital Health Pass

Digital Health Hub
"We are thrilled to partner with WellCheck to transition to a digital enrollment system and support increased access to care for our community. WellCheck has done a brilliant job of identifying what the current and urgent needs are in public health, and developing the products that public health can then leverage to make better and more efficient services for their communities."
Dr. Meena Brewster
Health Director, St. Mary's County, Maryland

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