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JMT Engineering

Safety Alerts & Mass Notification

One of the largest engineering companies on the East Coast, JMT Engineering engaged with WellCheck to implement a Critical Event Management System for safety alerts in the event of weather, incapacitated employees on job sites and in the event of an active shooter situation.

Successfully protecting numerous employees at multiple locations, JMT can mass notify of a threat, request assistance, shelter in place, and evacuate buildings or job sites and more.

JMT Engineering
Lockdown & Crisis Communication Platform
Client Review:
"Working with WellCheck, we have been able to create an excellent program that benefits all of our employees. Their service team has stood out for being dedicated to our success. The customer service experience goes above and beyond our expectations."

Lockdown & Crisis Communication Platform   

Are you prepared to reach your entire organization or population in the event of an emergency?

Our platform enables instant accountability and allows you to communicate via text or email to everyone you need to reach at the click of a button. 

Useful for:

  • Active Assailant Alerts

  • Weather Related Notifications

  • Mass Communication Tool

  • Message Remote Employees

  • Report Service Outages

  • Share Protocols & Procedures

Step 1
Are you safe?

Step 2
Where are you?

Step 3
Who is with you?

Step 4
Stay In Contact

Are you ready to protect the health & safety of your organization?

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