WellCheck Platform Features

Global Features

Instant two-way communication platform using email and SMS text messaging.

Set automated broadcast messages to groups or individuals.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime with 24/7 support and training.

HIPAA Compliant Platform

Nothing to Download.

Deployable in multiple languages.

Scalable for any size company in any industry or use-case.

Works on any Device.

Can be adapted for International attendees or participants

Administrative Features

Role-based grouping and targeted broadcast messaging.

Dashboard tracking & reporting providing real-time results & historical data.

Structured compliance. Aligned to any protocol.

Flexible screening platform able to conform to internal procedures.

Flexible data integration.

Rosters and screening details are instantly updated.

Product Features

Set Automated Alerts for Appointments and Well-being Reminders.

Streamlined output into PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 assessments and others.

Securely survey & communicate crucial details with a single click.

Track lockdown drills & customize procedures that comply with local regulations

Alyssa’s Law Compliant - Silently share crucial details in an instant with law enforcement

Visitors can register & take a pre-entry screener

QR-Code Enabled

Digital health pass

Are you ready to protect the health & safety of your organizations?