Safety Insights: January 2023

The Evolution of Employee Health Screening

The term “employee health screening” or “employee health checks” continues to evolve over time and can encompass pre-hire health screens, mental health checks for current employees, general wellness checks, COVID-19 screening, and more. While safety and wellness has been a priority in the US workforce for several decades, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the ever changing nature of how safety is defined in the workplace. Beyond the physical impacts of COVID-19, the pandemic has also heightened the awareness of mental health issues and how important it is to safeguard employees’ mental wellness. Read more on our Safety Insights Blog.

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Post-Event Screener

We have heard from many of our event clients this common concern “what is the right amount of caution when it comes to COVID protocols for this year’s events?”  Wouldn’t it be great to know how your former attendees would answer this question? 

Embedded in a recent Nature article, Dr. James Kirchner, (the author who recently attended his first scientific meeting since the inception of the pandemic) acknowledges “data-protection concerns hamper the ability to conduct rigorous surveys of infection rates after conferences.” Inspired by the Nature piece, we created a post-event survey for you to ask your attendees about this very topic. Our HIPAA-compliant, health screener technology is a great way to poll and query your population. The post-event screener is complimentary for existing partners. Reach out to your safety specialist or contact to get setup.

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