VaccineCheck Provides Secure and Accessible Digital Vaccine Passport to Support Safe Return to Work, Travel and Normalcy

BALTIMORE, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Delivering peace of mind and up-to-date vaccination reporting for individuals and businesses alike, VaccineCheck’s secure digital passport combines privacy and portability to support a safer and faster return to work and daily life. VaccineCheck is now being used by local governments in Maryland and New York.

Powered by WellCheck, which also delivers a customizable COVID screening tool that helps organizations mitigate risk and monitor the wellness of their workforce, VaccineCheck makes it easy for individuals to present their health status digitally while maintaining privacy and security. Users can register themselves and their families on the VaccineCheck site and businesses can launch secure staff vaccine passports.

“As more and more companies look for a safe and simple option for tracking employee vaccinations, VaccineCheck checks all the important boxes of security, privacy and accessibility,” said Managing Partner Chris Nickerson. “Companies can schedule return-to-work dates with confidence, thanks to VaccineCheck’s instant proof of vaccination.”

Designed to “go where you go,” the VaccineCheck digital health passport is stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud environment following registration, which entails verification of vaccination by a medical professional. The cross-platform application will display seamlessly on any mobile device or computer, so no downloads are required.

WellCheck Chief Information Officer and Partner Lance Cassell noted, “just as important as your international passport, a vaccine passport clearly and easily shows that you are vaccinated and ready to return to your favorite sporting events, restaurants, community events and more,” Cassell added. “Even better, you don’t have to carry this passport in your purse or pocket and worry about loss or theft because it travels with you.”

Ahead of COVID-19, WellCheck’s HIPAA-compliant mobile device health exchange platform enabled remote wellness visits, essential safety screening and secure communication in an emergency situation. The company’s critical event management system serves organizations across all industries in 42 states and seven countries.

Backed by more than 30 years of enterprise compliance technology and safety experience, WellCheck powered by Pinpoint provides a full portfolio of solutions designed to protect, prepare and secure. Our software was designed specifically to help schools, institutions, and organizations virtually check-in everyone on campus in a matter of seconds. WellCheck is an automated HIPAA-compliant screening platform that allows organizations and businesses to effectively mitigate risk and route resources when symptoms of COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses are detected. As an automated system, WellCheck reduces significant administrative burden by systematically distributing internal procedures and protocols. For more information, please visit Visit to get started.



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