Insights: July 2022

Having trouble finding COVID tests for your organization?

Frequent COVID testing is key to safely working and hosting events in person. That’s why WellCheck is offering several flexible options to help you procure COVID tests when you need them.

We can ship rapid tests to any location across the U.S., including shipping directly to your event attendees or employees for added convenience. We can also help facilitate PCR testing and supervised telehealth testing.

Once your employees or attendees have tested, they can upload a picture of their test results to WellCheck. From there, you can use all of WellCheck’s analytics to analyze the health status of everyone in your organization.

Updating your booster information just got easier

With more and more people getting their second COVID booster shots, we’re happy to offer a streamlined solution for updating booster information on your Digital Health Pass. We’ve made it easier to add your booster information and can accommodate multiple booster shots. As soon as the booster information is submitted and verified, your Pass will be updated in real time.

To add booster capability for your organization, just reach out to our customer support team.

Vacation season is here

As we hit the middle of summer, your employees are likely taking time off to travel. If you’re already using WellCheck to monitor your organization’s health status, this is a great time to add a Digital Health Pass for all employees (if you haven’t already).

The Digital Health Pass is a secure, private, and HIPAA-compliant way for users to display proof of vaccination or negative health results. This is an added benefit you can offer employees, who will appreciate the convenience of traveling and attending events with their personal Digital Health Pass.

Are you protected against health and safety threats?

Maybe your organization has responded proactively to the pandemic, but you haven’t given much thought to how you’d respond during a natural disaster or active threat. Our Safety Preparedness Quiz helps you evaluate how prepared your organization is to respond to different types of safety and health threats and what you can do to improve.

The quiz covers your organization’s ability to communicate during an emergency, your awareness of employees’ vaccination status, processes for testing compliance, mitigating risks from visitors, and whether health records like vaccinations are stored in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The quiz also invites you to consider questions like “What is your company’s definition of fully vaccinated?”

If you discover that your organization isn’t as prepared as you could be, we’re always here to discuss more tools to help you keep people safe.

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