Insights: June 2022

Are you prepared to reach your entire organization or population in the event of an emergency?

Has your organization reviewed your safety and emergency plans considering recent events? You may not be aware, but WellCheck launched as an emergency notification system and has evolved to address the needs of our clients. Our emergency management platform includes mass communication functionality, an active shooter alert system ( and we even have a team that can visit on-site and train your employee base. For more information on our onsite services please visit:

Keys to hosting safe events during the pandemic

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, many experts advise that the world will be dealing with the effects of the coronavirus for the foreseeable future. Many people and organizations are eager to get back to hosting and attending in-person events. So, what can you do to make those events as safe as possible?

Most large events will require some combination of COVID testing and vaccination protocols. WellCheck for Events offers event organizers real-time insight into who has uploaded negative test results, who has uploaded proof of vaccination, and who hasn’t responded. Our dashboard makes it easy to collect this information ahead of your event and see who has fulfilled the event requirements.

As it becomes increasingly common for vaccinated people to catch COVID, we’re seeing more organizations requiring testing for all attendees, even those who are vaccinated. You should also have a plan for contact tracing in the event of a COVID exposure. WellCheck includes this feature in our platform, too.

Following enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols can further put your guests at ease. You may also choose to ask attendees to wear masks as an added precaution. Of course, you should make sure that your event complies with current state, local, and national guidelines.

Our website has a new look

If you haven’t explored our website in a while, you’ll notice some changes. We’ve redesigned our site to provide more clarity about all the services we offer, including safety alerts, health screening, and vaccine verification. You can also take our Safety and Preparedness Quiz to see how well your organization is prepared to respond to a variety of health and safety threats.

We’re excited to showcase customer success stories from our clients around the country and the world on our new website. You can read about how a Fortune 100 company used WellCheck to verify the vaccination status of thousands of employees at their manufacturing plants. Or learn how one of the East Coast’s largest engineering companies worked with WellCheck to build a critical event management system for severe weather, active threats, and more.

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