Insights: November 2022

Get ready for holiday travel

If you’re planning to travel, particularly if you’re flying internationally or going on a cruise, remember to check COVID vaccination and testing requirements for your destination. International travelers to the U.S. are also required to show proof of vaccination in most cases.

Our Digital Health Pass is one way to store your health information securely and conveniently. We’ve recently added some new features, including family passes for up to five family members on one device and international options for people who got their vaccines outside of the U.S. We’ve also made it easy to add your booster shot information yourself – no need to contact us.

Speaking of boosters, the CDC is recommending bivalent COVID boosters for most people who received their last vaccine dose more than two months ago. The updated bivalent vaccines, available from Pfizer and Moderna, protect against both the original variant of COVID and the Omicron variant that emerged last winter. You can usually get your COVID booster and flu shot at the same time.

It takes about two weeks for your body to develop antibodies after getting the flu and COVID vaccines, so getting vaccinated now will give you the most protection before the December holidays.

How to support mental health in the workplace

The pandemic caused an unprecedented mental health crisis in our personal lives and in the workplace. A 2020 study revealed that 75% of employees felt more socially isolated because of COVID, 67% experienced higher stress levels, 57% felt more anxious, and 53% reported greater emotional exhaustion.

Even as we return to normal in many ways, people are still feeling the psychological effects of the pandemic, and companies are starting to take notice. Depression and other mental health conditions can lead to lower job performance and lost productivity in the workplace.

As a result, companies and organizations are increasingly looking for ways to promote mental health in the workplace. In addition to offering comprehensive mental health insurance and access to counseling, consider the following ways to support employees:

  • Promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma by discussing it openly
  • Conduct wellness screenings to assess workers’ emotional health and learn what stressors they face
  • Reduce workplace stress by offering flexible scheduling and reviewing workload and stress levels with employees

Learn more about our solutions for employers, including mental health screening tools, here or contact

Partnering with Colleges and Universities to verify vaccination for employment

St. Mary’s College of Maryland, like many workplaces, has made COVID vaccination a requirement of employment for all staff. WellCheck has stepped in to help by collecting and verifying vaccine records from all St. Mary’s employees.

Want to learn how our customizable workflows can help your organization verify employees’ vaccine records? Reach out today.  

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