PinPoint Safety Expands WellCheck Site and COVID Screening Tool to Help Organizations Manage Risk and Safely Return to Work

Baltimore – As businesses across the globe wrestle with the safest and most effective ways to help employees return to work, PinPoint Safety has expanded its worldwide outreach with WellCheck, a customizable COVID screening tool that helps organizations mitigate risk and monitor the wellness of their workforce. The extensive WellCheck platform and behavioral health screening tool provides daily remote wellness screenings in 42 states and seven countries by helping companies collect critical health information in real-time.

“As we welcome in a new year, more businesses worldwide are focused on a safe return to work, creating the perfect conditions for the global expansion of WellCheck,” said Christopher Nickerson, Managing Partner. “The integrated remote symptom screening system is a simple, smart and cost-effective way to manage the risks of returning to work, upgrade organizational communication and direct employees to the best resources. It can bolster business continuity and employee health at the same time.”

Aligned with CDC guidance, the HIPAA-compliant WellCheck technology makes it easy to contact identified populations through email and text messages, remotely screen all employees, and instantly track symptoms and results. Customers,vendors and visitors can also be screened.

Beyond COVID-19 applications, the health screening tool also helps clients track attendance, workers’ comp mitigation, safety check-ins, virtual wellness visits, behavioral health screening and more. The customizable dashboard with multiple language capabilities displays on all devices, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. 

“Thanks to real-time response data, WellCheck helps organizations instantly access health information for the entire workforce. This makes it easy to adjust resources as needed and significantly reduces the administrative burden that often comes with wellness checks,” Nickerson added. “WellCheck is an ideal option for focusing on the health of businesses and employees alike.”

About WellCheck

The national leader in digital health screening and lockdown notification, WellCheck provides a full portfolio of solutions designed to protect, prepare and secure organizations and school districts across the globe. WellCheck’s interactive wellness screening system and behavioral health screening tool supports remote workforces, safe return to work protocols and visitor registration on a HIPAA-compliant environment. The system was built to support Alyssa’s Law legislation, which was passed to improve accountability and law enforcement response time during school emergencies.

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