5 Things Every School Safety Software Must Have

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As students head back to school, safety is the main concern for many teachers, staff, and parents. The drastic rise in safety incidents across the country – from mass shootings and school violence to bullying – has increased fear in many staff and parents. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the past 2020- 2021 school year has had the highest number of mass shootings, resulting in over 93 school shootings. 

Many districts are turning to school emergency management software to help create a safe learning environment. An emergency can occur anytime, such as a fire or a natural disaster. It’s essential to have a notification system that can alert the entire school within seconds. Schools need safety software they can easily navigate and access from any device. Investing in reliable technology can help teachers and staff account for students’ location and communicate with first responders in real-time. Helping teachers feel safe allows them to make learning the primary focus in their classroom. 

Here are five features you should consider before selecting an emergency management system for your school. 

What features should I look for in a School Emergency Management Software?

Automatic Emergency Alerts

  • An emergency can occur anywhere on a school campus, on the playground, or in the cafeteria. Teachers need to access school safety software from any device. When danger arises, seconds are vital, and an alert system should notify your staff with a single click. The software you choose should be able to send automatic alerts on cell phones or a computer to your designated safety team. An emergency alert system can help schools share customizable detailed emergency messages with their team, such as the type of incident, location and safety precautions.

Account For Everyone In Your School Population

  • Technology can help teachers automate the roll call process during an emergency. Teachers can easily confirm their student’s location and safety status through the web-based app. This information automatically populates into a dashboard tracking system where administrators and first responders can communicate with anyone needing assistance.

Instant Communication with Administrators, Teachers, and First Responders

  • Clear communication is essential in an emergency. An emergency management software helps teachers, administrators, and first responders communicate effectively through real-time group text messaging and email.

Partnership With Law Enforcement

  • When lives are at stake, your school needs a school management system that can alert law enforcement immediately. Before selecting a school safety software, ensure the system is Alyssa’s Law compliant. Alyssa’s Law shares crucial information such as the type of emergency and health status of the student population with law enforcement. This information will help law enforcement create a safety plan to rescue the students and staff.

Visitor Management

  • A visitor management system can reduce the risk of a school emergency. This system allows schools to register, screen, and monitor visitors daily. The software generates a real-time report of everyone who has checked into the school.

How can WellCheck's Emergency Notification System improve your school's safety?

  • We can customize our Emergency Alert Software to align with your safety procedures.
    • Increase safety in your school with customizable emergency alert software that fits your school’s safety protocols and local regulations. Create customizable pre-scripted alerts to notify your staff in case of an emergency. 
  • We monitor and track your emergency drills.
    • Schedule drills and monitor performance based on district and law regulations. 
  • We provide comprehensive training.
    • WellCheck offers one-on-one backend training for teachers, staff, and administrators to learn the software. Our software works on any device and is easy to navigate.

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