Here’s Why You Should Consider a Digital Health Pass For Your Next Trip

After two years of lockdowns and social distancing, people are ready to leave their homes for a new adventure. The travel industry boomed in 2022, leading to crowded airports and hotels. 

With the influx of people, many countries have asked travelers to show proof of vaccination upon entry to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While some countries accept paper CDC cards, many require travelers to download a digital health pass with their updated vaccination status. For example,  United Arab Emirates requires travelers to show a digital vaccine card with a scannable QR code to enter the country. Countries are not the only ones requiring digital vaccinations; cruises and airlines also require health passes to help all passengers feel safe. 

Here’s why you should consider a digital health pass when booking your next trip abroad.

What is a digital health pass?

A digital health pass is a digital record of your COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots. Your digital health pass displays your name, date of birth, type of vaccine, and date of vaccination. Each health pass can be easily downloaded on your phone and features a scannable QR code that verifies your vaccination status.

Why do you need a digital vaccine card when you travel?

Travelers heading abroad should consider getting a digital health pass. Some countries require travelers to have a digital health pass with a scannable QR code that verifies their vaccination status. Depending on your travel destination, you may need to take a negative covid test before arrival. Having a digital health pass on your phone is a convenient way display your covid test results and verify your vaccination status. Before you leave for your trip, check with the CDC COVID-19 travel regulations or your destination’s embassy to ensure you have the correct vaccine documentation.

  • Portable
    • Individuals don’t have to stress losing or damaging their CDC card with a digital vaccine card. You can download the pass on your phone or save it in your Apple wallet, allowing you to scan it quickly at the airport. In case you unexpectedly need to show proof of vaccination while attending a museum, concert, or an event, you’ll have proof at all times. 

  • Secure and Private
    • Digital health passes allow individuals to manage their personal health information and determine who can access their medical records. Health technology companies safely store your health information in a HIPPA-complaint database. 

  • Access Recent Health Information
    • Easily update your health pass with your most recent vaccinations with a single click. With a digital vaccine pass, you have constant access to the most up-to-date health information at your fingertips. 

Why should you consider VaccineCheck’s digital health pass?

  •  Family Digital Health Pass 
    • VaccineCheck offers families a shared digital vaccine card. You can include up to 5 family members to your pass. 
  • Booster shots 
    • Customers have the option to add additional booster doses to their health pass.  
  • International Digital  Vaccine Pass 
    • International customers can use VaccineCheck to digitize their vaccination records.


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