Insights: September 2022

Updates to WellCheck's Digital Health Pass

We’re always adding new features to our Digital Health Pass to make it more useful for you while traveling, attending events, and more. A few of our latest updates include:

  • Family passes: You can now add up to five family members to the same Digital Health Pass, making it easier to display everyone’s health information from the same device. Just contact to get started. 
  • International passes: We also have new options for people who received their vaccines outside the U.S. Combined with the options above, that means you can choose between a U.S. Individual Pass, International Individual Pass, U.S. Family Pass, and International Family Pass. 
  • Booster updates: With the CDC recommending updated COVID booster shots, we’ve made it easier to add your booster information to your Digital Health Pass. You can now update booster info yourself without contacting our customer service team. Just follow these instructions. While you’re at it, you can also update your photo

WellCheck creates customized software for St. Mary's County Health Hub

WellCheck is proud to have worked closely with St. Mary’s County in Maryland since the beginning of the pandemic. Our latest partnership with them involves the St. Mary’s County Health Hub, a health facility that will provide COVID-related care, behavioral health, and routine primary care services in one location. In addition to healthcare, the Health Hub will help the community access social services like housing, employment, tutoring, mentoring, and more. 

WellCheck worked with St. Mary’s County and the Health Hub to create customized registration software. We’re always happy to provide white-label and customized solutions for our clients, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your ideas and see how we can help. 

Another aspect of our partnership with St. Mary’s County was helping the Health Department create and distribute a survey for healthcare providers and first responders about their access to PPE throughout the pandemic. WellCheck’s software enabled the Health Department to efficiently collect anonymous data from respondents. 

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