How To Use Event Technology To Plan a Safe In-Person Event

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A digital transformation within the event industry has led to health technology solutions that protect event attendees and enable organizers to more easily adhere to COVID-19 requirements and safety precautions. 

The 2020 pandemic forced event cancellations and venue shutdowns.  When organizers began planning again for “in-person” events, they had to find new tech solutions to facilitate gathering safely. This fueled a revolution in event tech, which screens attendees for COVID symptoms, registers guests with contactless technology and verifies vaccination status.

Here are a few health event technology solutions to help keep your attendees safe and protected at your next event. 

Pre-Event Wellness Screening

  • If you choose to only allow for vaccinated guests at your conference, using a health screening mobile app to verify vaccination status and monitor COVID tests can ensure the safety of your attendees. For example, WellCheck, a health screening tool, helps event planners screen their attendees with customized digital health surveys. Once attendees complete their health survey, WellCheck issues a digital health pass with their vaccine record and COVID-19 test result. Event organizers can easily scan each member’s pass at the door to verify their health status.
  • Additionally, attendees can take pre-event COVID-19 tests as an extra layer of protection. WellCheck can drop ship tests to organizations or individuals, provide their technology for test result upload and verify the tests if event organizers would like. Partnering with a health technology provider can help events manage their safety and wellness needs successfully and also takes a significant burden off meeting organizers.

On-site Health Screening

  • As live events grow in popularity, on-site health checks are becoming more critical. Before guests are admitted into your event, ensure they are COVID-free with a rapid test or temperature screening.

COVID-19 Rapid Testing

  • COVID-19 rapid testing is a quick and easy way to ensure the safety of all attendees. Have a rapid test station set up at each entryway for your event, with staff ready to administer on-site COVID tests to all guests, staff and employees. Attendees will receive their results 10 to 15 minutes before the event. And you’ll have the added peace of mind that everyone entering the doors is COVID-free.

Temperature Kiosk

  • Rather than taking each guest’s temperature at the door, rent a temperature kiosk. Temperature kiosks use advanced infrared dual-technology to scan each attendee’s body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. After the kiosk has completed the scan, it prints a QR code attendees can use to enter the event.

Contactless Check-In

  • Touchless technology helps event organizers streamline the check-in process and reduce the spread of germs and diseases.

Mobile Apps

  • Speed the check-in process at your event with a mobile check-in app. Look for a company that offers a customizable brand event registration mobile app that allows attendees to check in using their phones. Depending on your event’s requirements, you could even have an on-site kiosk for printing badges. Working with an event tech company can help event organizers create a safe and easy check-in process and minimize interaction between event staff and attendees.

Facial Recognition

  • Facial recognition software is the future of the event industry. With a facial recognition device, guests can easily walk up to the facial recognition kiosk, scan their faces and print their badges. This software helps guests check in easily without ever having to touch anything.

Attendee Contact Tracing

  • In case of a COVID-19 outbreak during an event, it’s essential to track and monitor attendees movement. Wearable contact tracking technology gives event organizers precise information on attendees’ location during an event. If one attendee develops COVID-19, event leaders can immediately tell who was close to that person and notify the other guests. A traceable badge also helps to improve social distancing during the event. The badge will flash and vibrate to let people know they are getting too close.

Live Streaming

  • Virtual event streaming platforms are an excellent alternative for guests who are not vaccinated or can’t attend the event. Streaming companies offer a variety of tech solutions to help event leaders create an integrated experience for both virtual and in-person attendees. Event streaming platforms offer interactive webinars, virtual networking sessions, chatrooms and more features.

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